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LGBT+ History Month

A photo of a group of staff attending Pride Cymru. Everyone is wearing pink t-shirts with a rainbow on the front and holding a banner that says 'hate has no home here'.

February marks LGBT+ History Month, but it’s vital that we support our LGBT+ communities all year round. Here are some helpful resources to become a better ally, learn more about LGBT+ history, and seek support if you need it.

Helpful guides: Talking about LGBTQ+ terms





Support for LGBT+ communities

LGBTQ+ young people are four times more likely to become homeless than their non-LGBTQ+ peers. Homelessness charity Llamau runs the Youth Homeless helpline to support provide information on where young people can access safe temporary accommodation and offer advice and support.

You can find the details of the helpline here and sign to support Llamau’s campaign to show that Wales is a country that will no longer tolerate young people becoming homeless simply because they’re LGBTQ+ here.

Here are other organisations offering support to LGBT communities and their loved ones:


A screengrab of a scene from the Channel 4 show 'It's A Sin'. A group of people are standing at a HIV protest wearing t-shirts that say 'AIDS NEEDS AID.'

It’s A Sin | Ben Blackall/Channel 4

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