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Renting Homes Act: The way you rent is changing


The biggest change to housing law in Wales for decades is happening this year.

The Renting Homes Act will change the way all landlords rent their homes to improve how we provide, manage and live in rented homes in Wales.

The new law will apply from 1st December 2022.

What changes will United Welsh tenants see?

  • You will become known as a ‘contract holder’
  • You will be issued with an ‘Occupation Contract’ (this used to be called a Tenancy Agreement).

The new law will also provide you greater security, including:

  • Joint contract holders: You can ask us to add someone to your contract who you want to live with. You don’t have to start a new contract to request this.
  • Succession rights: In some circumstances, you can pass your home onto other people to continue living in. For example, you can ask for your home to be passed onto your partner.

United Welsh must also continue to make sure that your home is safe and secure to live in, such as completing our gas and electrical safety checks.

If you live in supported housing, under the new law, if you live there for more than six months, in most cases you will be entitled to what’s called a ‘Supported Standard Contract’.

What do I need to do?

Firstly, we will be contacting all current United Welsh tenants to ask your permission to receive paperwork from us electronically.

We want to send your paperwork electronically because:

  • We are reducing our carbon footprint and printing less paper is better for the environment
  • It is easier to store files electronically, with less envelopes through your door
  • It saves money, which can be reinvested into providing quicker, better services for you.

Please look out for a text message from us and if you are happy to give your permission and able to reply, then reply YES.

If you can’t reply to your text but want to give us permission, please call us on 0330 159 6080 (press 3) or talk to us on web-chat (click the blue circle icon bottom right of your screen). You can also email: tellmemore@unitedwelsh.com or complete this short form.

For more information about the Renting Homes Act, visit Welsh Government’s Renting Homes website.


The Way you rent is changing & Mae'r ffordd yr ydych chi'n rhentu yn newid