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Permission for digital communication

We are in the process of contacting tenants to ask your permission to receive paperwork from us electronically.

We want to send your paperwork electronically because:

  • We are reducing our carbon footprint and printing less paper is better for the environment
  • It is easier to store files electronically, with less envelopes through your door
  • It saves money, which can be reinvested into providing quicker, better services for you.

You can also give your permission by completing the short form below.

For more information about the way we handle your data, please read our Approach to Privacy.


The Way you rent is changing & Mae'r ffordd yr ydych chi'n rhentu yn newid

New housing law is being implemented in Wales this year. Known as the Renting Homes Act, it is the biggest change to housing law in Wales for decades and it will change the way rented homes are provided, managed and lived in across Wales.

Under the new law, United Welsh tenants will:

  • Become a ‘contract holder’
  • Be issued with an ‘Occupation Contract’ (this used to be called a Tenancy Agreement).

We would like to send your new Occupation Contract electronically.


Give your permission to receive paperwork online