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Celtic Offsite welcomes new team members

21 Jun 2022

Celtic Offsite, Decarbonisation

Celtic Offsite is a new social enterprise within the United Welsh Group, manufacturing low carbon timber frame homes from our factory in Caerphilly.

We have recently welcomed new members to the team:

  • Alan Butler, Supervisor
  • Lee Wilkins, Operations Manager
  • Donna Murphy, Office Administrator
  • Karl Ananicz, Factory Operative

We caught up with Karl, Donna, Lee and Alan to find out a little more about them and what they are enjoying in their new roles.


Why did you want to work for Celtic Offsite?

Karl: “I’ve been involved in this sort of business since I was 16 after completing a four-year wood machining apprenticeship. I’m happy to be here, working close to home.”

Donna: “I heard that United Welsh was a good place to work, so I thought somewhere that’s part of the group would be good too. It’s close to home so it’s convenient for me.”

Lee: “Having children, you want to treat people as you expect your children to be treated, and I wanted to support young people who might not have had it as good as I have. I have spent a lot of time in manufacturing jobs chasing the pound, and it felt like it was time to give something back to society.”

Alan: “I previously worked as an assessor for NVQ training but I’ve been interested in timber frame construction for a while and heard good things about United Welsh.”


What makes you smile at work?

Karl: “We work hard but we have a good bit of fun too. The whole team from top to bottom feels as one team, which is a good thing.”

Donna: “The banter… All the people here are lovely and I always get a wave from the people in the factory throughout the day. People are happy to be here so it makes you happy.”

Lee: “My colleagues. My team in the office are a great bunch to work with and making the team in the factory smile makes me smile too.”

Alan: “Being able to train and develop the team, getting things right and making the rest of the team smile.”


What superpower would help you in your job?

Karl: “A super strength potion as some of the tasks take me a bit longer than they used to nowadays!”

Donna: “I’d make myself invisible so I can hide from Neil from time to time!”

Lee: “Time travelling would be good – I’d go back to the start of Celtic Offsite so I could be with the team from the beginning and bring my experience.”

Alan: “I’d clone myself so there’s two of me here, we’re really busy.”


What’s your biggest strength?

Karl: “I never panic. Irrespective of the problem, I think never panic and it’ll be much easier to sort it out. Things may seem like the end of the world but stop, breathe, think… It’ll be ok.”

Donna: “Organising, I’m good at making sure all the work is done well, when it needs be done. My mum would say I’m unorganised but I’m not in work!”

Lee: “Within the industry it’s my experience and knowledge of timber frame manufacturing and delivery on site. That’s what I’ve been passing down in the time that I’ve been here.”

Alan: “I think my temperament and relatability team – I understand the development that the team are going through as I’ve been there myself.”


Describe Celtic Offsite in one word?

Karl: “Organised.”

Donna: “Fresh.”

Lee: “Invigorating.”

Alan: “Supportive.”


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