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What to do in an emergency

In an emergency, if you are being attacked or abused:

  • Call 999 immediately to alert police
  • Get out of danger if you can, try to leave and go to a safe place
  • Move to an area where there is an exit (door or window); try to position yourself between your abuser and any escape route
  • Avoid areas where there may be potential weapons such as the kitchen or bathroom
  • Try to keep a distance between you and your abuser
  • If you have already made a safety plan, consider alerting a neighbour perhaps with a pre-arranged signal.

Worried about domestic abuse?

If you think someone you know may be a victim of domestic abuse, the most important thing you can do is be supportive, to be open-minded and to listen.

The victim may not want to admit that he or she is in an abusive relationship. As an outsider, it may be hard to understand why victims don’t leave abusive relationships, or why they return to them, but it is important that the victim knows you are there to provide them with support and help when it is needed most.

It isn’t easy to support someone experiencing domestic abuse. There are many organisations that can offer support and advice to you and the person you know. Visit our ‘Organisations that can help‘ page for more information.