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Shared Ownership - Part Buy, Part Rent: Your Part of the World

30 Jan 2020

harmoni homes

United Welsh has launched a new campaign through its harmoni homes brand to raise awareness of shared ownership as an affordable solution for people looking to buy a home.

‘Part Buy, Part Rent: Your Part of the World’ explains the benefits of shared ownership for home buyers at different stages of life, including first-time buyers and people wanting to buy a home again.

Michelle Collins, Specialist Projects Manager for United Welsh said: “Large deposit requirements, the challenge of saving money while renting and high house prices are some of the factors which make it difficult for people to buy their own home.

“Our aim with the harmoni homes ‘Your Part of the World’ campaign is to show that shared ownership is for a wide range of buyers and can make the possibility of buying a home, a reality.”

With shared ownership, you buy a part of your new home and rent a part of it.

Usually, this is the equivalent, or less, than paying for private renting in the same area and you are making an investment in your home rather than paying 100% rent to a third party with no return.

Buying a share means you have a smaller mortgage so a smaller deposit is required, but if you want to own more, or want to eventually own 100% of your home, prospective buyers can purchase a larger share when they can afford it.

Michelle added: “If you are interested in shared ownership as a buying option for your new home, please get in touch.

“You can join our Homes List to hear more about upcoming properties and potentially, recommend a new-build home to purchase through the shared ownership scheme.”

The ‘Part Buy, Part Rent: Your Part of the World’ campaign will involve direct marketing through literature in development sales offices, an animation film, social media advertising and promotion through United Welsh’s publications.

For more information visit: https://www.unitedwelsh.com/shared-ownership/