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Rent First: How rent is spent

28 Oct 2019

Tenant news

In a nutshell, rent is United Welsh’s main source of income. It helps us to maintain the homes we provide; build new homes and provide excellent services.

As part of our campaign: ‘Rent First – Because everything starts with home’, we are raising awareness of how rent is spent so people can find out why it is so significant not just to our present tenants’ lives, but also future tenants and our organisation.

Without our rental income, United Welsh wouldn’t be able to support our tenants to live well and live safely in their homes. We also wouldn’t be able to provide more homes to those who need them.

In the table below, you can see the breakdown of how rent was spent last year.*

We don’t want anyone to lose their home. That’s why we would rather work with you to manage your payments and help you to prevent rent arrears now and in the future.

For support or advice about your rent or any other money issues, please contact our Money Advice team on 029 20 85 8100 / tellmemore@unitedwelsh.com

*2018/ 2019 financial year