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Let someone know you find them kind

01 Jul 2020

Tenant news

During weeks of lockdown, to prevent the further spread of coronavirus and protect public health, there have been many acts of kindness in communities to help each other and keep people safe.

Letting someone know that they have been kind means a lot as sometimes, people don’t see their efforts as going above and beyond.

What may be considered small gestures have made a big difference during this difficult time. For example:

  • Help with food shopping
  • Cooking meals to help neighbours
  • Friendly chats over the phone to check how someone is doing
  • Collecting and delivering prescriptions
  • Help with the internet or video calls
  • Keeping others safe
  • Helping people to adapt their life or business to social distancing
Is there someone you would like to say a big THANK YOU to for the kindness they have shown to you or others during the pandemic?
If yes, please tell us your kindness story here and we will:
  • Thank people by choosing stories to share with a big THANK YOU on social media
  • Send a kindness keepsake to the person you want to thank by post (if you have consent to share their address). The keepsakes have been created by learning disabilities charity Vision 21.

Let’s celebrate those people and let others in our communities know that we find them kind!