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Austin Grange

Key Facts

Location: Caerphilly
Number of homes: 75
Homes available: Affordable rent with Caerphilly County Borough Council.
Main contractor: Celtic Offsite and Morganstone
Completion: Late 2025.


Austin Grange is a £13m development bringing a total of 75 homes to the heart of Caerphilly.

51 apartments and 24 houses will be available for affordable rent with United Welsh, built by our social enterprise Celtic Offsite in partnership with Morganstone. Fifteen apartments will also be available through United Welsh’s Living Well service, which provides homes and support for older people.

The development will bring homes ranging from one to four-bedrooms, including one and two-bedroom apartments, to a great location in Caerphilly borough. They will be located at the top end of the town centre near Caerphilly park and ride, providing excellent access to local cafes, shops, and schools.

Austin Grange is due to be completed in late 2025.