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Greenhill Primary cooking sessions

We have enjoyed working with families at Greenhill Primary School in Hengoed, Caerphilly, to teach affordable meal planning and cooking.

Each week, a different family prepared a healthy meal in school and ate together, then everyone took home ingredients to make a meal at home themselves. A recipe book and price plan were also created and distributed throughout the school.

In the course feedback, all participants confirmed that they now sit down together as a family to eat, and 95% stated that they now cook together and try new foods. This has had a positive impact financially, with more families having the tools to buy ingredients and cook, rather than relying on convenience food or takeaways. The sessions also positively impacted household dynamics, with shared mealtimes creating more conversations and a greater sense of wellbeing and contentment.


β€œThe course showed my son the process of the effort that goes into making a meal daily, and showed him the cleaning up afterwards. It also showed him it can be a fun bonding experience for families, his confidence grew massively when he enjoyed the meal he had cooked.”

Netteiria, Greenhill Primary School parent