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Coronavirus: Latest updates here

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Mutual Exchange


Please ensure that all information is completed otherwise this can delay the Mutual Exchange process.

This application applies to United Welsh tenants wishing to exchange with another tenant of United Welsh, a Local Authority, or another Housing Association. Please complete all the details below.

Please note: The form won’t be saved until it has been submitted. The form will have a 4 hour limit from when the page is loaded to be submitted. However if you close the browser (desktop) the data will be lost.

Your family details

I authorise United Welsh to provide information about my tenancy, including the balance on my rent account, in order to deal with my request to exchange.

Details of the tenant you wish to exchange with (who is moving to your property):-

Please give the details of each person who lives with this tenant

Details of the tenant of the property you wish to move to (If this is not the same as above):-

IMPORTANT The exchange MUST NOT go ahead without written permission and an agreed assignment form signed by both landlords and both tenants. If the exchange takes place before this happens then both parties will have no tenancy agreement. Both properties will be occupied illegally and you will have no right to remain in occupation.

United Welsh Housing Association is a charitable housing association United Welsh Conditions for Exchange

United Welsh will only approve an exchange if the following conditions are met:

1. All appropriate forms are complete, giving consent by both landlords.
2. Your rent account and that of the tenant you wish to exchange with is clear.
3. There are no possession proceedings against you.
4. The Association’s property is in good order.
5. The tenant you wish to exchange with will not be overcrowding the Association’s property.
6. There is no conflict with the charitable aims of the Association.
7. If your home has been specially adapted for use by a disabled or elderly person, the tenants you wish to exchange with must need these facilities.
8. You are an assured or secure tenant. You will not be eligible for an exchange if you are on a starter tenancy (assured shorthold tenancy).

If United Welsh withholds its consent we must inform you in writing of the reasons within 42 days of receiving your application. Once United Welsh receives this notification, the Housing Officer and Rent Officer will decide whether the application meets the conditions stated above. United Welsh will also provide a tenancy reference and also request a tenancy reference for the incoming tenant. In addition to this, an inspection will take place of your property