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Rent Collection and Arrears Recovery - Policy Consulation

Rent Collection and Arrears Recovery - Policy Consulation

Rent Collection and Arrears Recovery - Policy Consulation


United Welsh has a Rent Collection and Arrears Recovery Policy which explains how we collect rents and how we manage any arrears that are owed. The policy is reviewed every year in case it needs to be updated.


The overall purpose and aims of our policy is to:

  • Ensure that United Welsh staff, customers and partners have a clear understanding of how we will manage our rent collection processes and deal with tenants who are in arrears
  • Ensure that United Welsh recovers rent due and arrears owing as effectively as possible in order to minimise losses to the association and meet our corporate objectives of:     

                                      - Our finances sustain our business

                                      - Our tenants successfully maintain their tenancies


The policy covers:

1. How we will communicate with tenants

We will utilise any and all communication methods at our disposal, whilst aiming to communicate with tenants in a way that best meets their needs.

2. What pre-tenancy and arrears prevention action we will take

All prospective tenants will receive a pre-tenancy financial assessment to ensure that they are ready and able to manage a tenancy.

3. What support we will provide

Where it is identified that a tenant will require additional support in order to successfully manage the financial obligations of their tenancy, we will make every effort to put that support in place, either via our in-house services or via external agencies.

4. Our approach to ‘rent in advance’

All prospective tenants will be required to pay rent in advance unless there are exceptional circumstances.

5. How we will recover arrears

We will make every effort to support tenants who fall into arrears and to make reasonable agreements to recover those arrears.  Where arrears persist and we are unable to reach a suitable arrangement for the repayment of those arrears, legal action will be commenced in line with the relevant regulatory and legal requirements.


The policy will be considered by the Board of United Welsh in March.

If you have any comments on these proposals please contact our Customer Engagement team by calling 0800 294 0195 or email: tellmemore@unitedwelsh.com before Friday 3rd March 2017.

A full copy of the Rent Collection and Arrears Recovery Policy draft is available on request.

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