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How To Bid

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How to bid banner

How To Bid On Properties

There are different ways to be housed with Thrive depending on the area in which you want to live. You must register your details with us before bidding on any properties (excluding Blaenau Gwent). Below you will find information about bidding on properties.


Please check the Select-a-home page for the list of available properties.

Common Waiting List (Blaenau Gwent only)
If you want to live in Blaenau Gwent you must register on the council’s common waiting list. To do this contact Blaenau Gwent Council on 01495 311556.

All other areas are let through the select-a-home scheme.

Select-a-home (bidding on properties)
Select-a-home is the scheme where you select the home you want to live in and place a bid. To find a property to rent please go to the Select-a-home page.

Register your details
Before you can place a bid on a property you must register your details with us. To do this please call Customer Services on 0800 294 0195 or you can go to one of our offices.

Once you are registered you will be given an application number and placed on our waiting list. Whilst registering your details you can place bids on any of our available properties (excluding Blaenau Gwent).

Contact us by telephone
One way to bid on a property is by telephoning Customer Services on 0800 294 0195. If you are unsure of what properties are available ask one of our Customer Service Advisors or click on Select-a-home to find a full list.

Visit us at one of our offices
You can visit us at one of our offices in Cardiff or Caerphilly for general enquiries or to place a bid on available properties.

Please go to the Contact us page for details on how to find us.

Use Our Online System
Another way to bid on our properties is to use our online system. This is a quick and easy way to place bids. You can also view your application details online.

To use the online system to view your application details and bid for Living+ properties, you must already be registered on our waiting list. If you are using the online system for the first time, you will need to complete a registration form which needs your application number, surname and date of birth. To do this or for further information please call Customer Services on 0800 294 0195.

Click on the LOGIN button at the top right of your screen to start using the online system.

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