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News: There will be a new release of the Housing Hub on 31/08/16. Homeswapper will be temporarily unavailable between 08.15 and 08.45am while the release takes place. You should be able to log-in as normal following the update.


If you want to swap homes with another United Welsh tenant, you may be able to do what is called a Mutual Exchange. Many tenants have a right to swap homes with other tenants in a mutual exchange of tenancies. You may even be able to swap with a tenant from another landlord, but you will always need their landlord’s permission first.


We have signed up to a Mutual Exchange Website called ‘Homeswapper’. Homeswapper is the UK’s largest community of social housing tenants looking to swap homes. Thousands of tenants join every month to use Homeswapper to find a local or even national swap.


This service is free to United Welsh tenants. If you register at www.homeswapper.co.uk, you will be able to access information about tenants from other Local Authorities and Housing Associations who want to exchange properties, as well as details of those wishing to move here from outside the area. Homeswapper will also email or text you at regular intervals with details of people you could exchange with.

You can now download the Homeswapper app to swipe through your matches, message your potential swap partners and upload photos.

Download new homeswapper app on iTunes or Android

Once you have found someone to exchange properties with, you’ll need to contact Customer Services and fill in a Mutual Exchange form.

Terms & Conditions

A mutual exchange has to be agreed by both landlords before you can move. Please note that we may not grant permission for an exchange in the following circumstances:      

• You have rent arrears

• You are in the first year of a Starter or Assured Short hold tenancy

• Your home is in a poor condition or state or decoration

• The property you want to move to is unsuitable for your needs

• You are in any other breach of your tenancy agreement

We will carry out reference checks, affordability checks and a property inspection before the exchange can go ahead.


For more information visit the Homeswapper website


United Welsh has joined the House Swap Wales Facebook group.


This group offers another opportunity to find a mutual exchange partner. To join, just visit https://www.facebook.com/HouseSwapWales, 'Like' the page and select your group. You'll be able to post your property details, view other properties and send tenants a message to set up an exchange. If you find somewhere you’d like to move to, get in touch with us for an exchange form.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Facebook account to use this service. You can sign up at https://en-gb.facebook.com/


If you'd like to find our more about how the service works and what groups are available, please visit the House Swap Wales website.

Want to know more?
Tel: 029 2085 8100
Email: tellmemore@unitedwelsh.com

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